Manta Resort

Welcome to Manta Resort - a pristine and secluded palm-studded island located on Glover's Atoll in Belize, one of the most spectacular, untouched reef systems in the Caribbean. Located some 30 miles from the mainland, Glover's Atoll is a UN World Heritage Site and Belizean National Park. Manta Resort offers world-class scuba diving that is virtually unparalleled in the Caribbean.

Because of the atoll's protected status, you will be amazed by the abundant marine life - grouper, moray, colorful queen trigger fish and large parrot fish abound. Majestic manta rays are frequently seen; enjoy encounters with dolphins, eagle rays and sea turtles. Incredible wall diving is a stone's throw from the resort, with a 2,000-foot wall right in front.

Glover's Atoll
Glover's Atoll lies 20 miles outside the second longest barrier reef in the world and comprises some 80 square miles in area on the edge of the continental shelf. It is one of only a handful of atolls in the Atlantic/Caribbean and was designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site. Manta Resort is the largest full-service resort on the atoll.