Sundancer II

Sailing in Belize, Central America

  • 138 feet long and 26 feet wide
  • Serving 20 guests with a crew of seven.
  • The Sun Dancer sails every Saturday from Belize City.

There are three atolls located offshore beyond the barrier. The most famous of the atolls is Lighthouse Reef, which is the location of the Blue Hole and the magnificent nature preserve at Half Moon Cay.

The Blue Hole is an encounter with huge stalactites formed thousands of years ago. Measuring about 1,000 feet in diameter and more than 400 feet deep, you can dive among the stalactites at a depth of 110 to 130 feet. This is a very memorable dive.

At Half Moon Caye Wall, Hawksbill turtles and Spotted Eagle Rays are regular sights and there are some of the most spectacular sponge formations found anywhere.

The Elbow, located on Turneffe Islands Atoll is one of Belize’s most exciting and fish filled dive experiences. Enormous schools of jacks are often sighted in the blue water.

Along the shallow side of a mid-reef at southern Turneffe is The Sayonara, a broken up shipwreck of a small island freighter. The Sayonara is an excellent site for seeing a variety of marine life, including the rare Lined Toadfish found only in Belize.

At Aquarium, very large Black Groupers, Green Morays, Caribbean Octopus and Midnight Parrotfish are among the reef's inhabitants.

Visibility in excess of 120' can be expected and annual water temperatures range from 78 to 84° F. A wide variety of marine life can be observed during the dives, such as eagle rays, manta rays, turtles, tarpon and the occasional wild dolphin.

Includes 7 nights on board, all meals and beverages (including alcohol),
airport transfers in Belize City, 5 1/2 days of diving (up to five dives per day),
and other standard Dancer Fleet services and amenities.